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How do you stay young forever??
We have the answer! Platelet Rich Plasma injections or PRP for short.

Your own platelets are taken from blood drawn from your arm and separated out in our office by way of centrifuge and then injected back into the areas needed to be treated. Your platelets then release growth factors and do things like bring in stem cells and new blood vessels to ensure that the body can get more blood to the area. ... Platelets are like super cell stimulators. The growth factors they release help speed up or even restart your local repair response. We charge $200-$300 to stabilize and regrow your own hair or to decrease the look of wrinkles on your face, hands and decolletage. Platelets also aid in rapid recovery of tennis elbow and other orthopedic injuries.

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Examples obtained from my patients. Care by Michael Earl Tyler MD PA

Natural Platelets-No Botox PRP in 48 hours PRP One Treatment PRP Four Treatments Platelets Rejuvenate Hands PRP for Melasma

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